Destination North Coast

As the tourism agency for the North Coast region, Destination North Coast works with visitor economy stakeholders to drive, coordinate, and support the sustainable management and development of tourism across the region. Our goal is to strengthen and enhance the region’s visitor experiences to help sustainably grow the North Coast visitor economy and in doing so support the NSW Government’s Visitor Economy Strategy 2030.

This will involve working with rural and hinterland areas to grow local visitor economies that can benefit from increased tourism and to help mature destinations that are impacted by high tourist numbers in peak times (e.g. those in prime coastal areas) to plan and manage

This includes:

  • Attracting an appropriate mix of intrastate, interstate and international visitors;
  • Increasing visitation in low and shoulder seasons;
  • Encouraging greater dispersal and spend; and
  • Ensuring tourism is managed sustainably.

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We pay respect to the Traditional Custodians of the land we now call New South Wales and acknowledge their enduring culture and continued connection to Country. We extend our respect to Elders, past and present, and acknowledge future generations of Aboriginal people. We acknowledge visitors from across Australia and around the world are made welcome on Aboriginal lands by the Traditional Custodians of NSW. We acknowledge the significant contribution made by Aboriginal people to the development and promotion of the visitor economy.