Strategies and Plans

Destination Management Plan

The DNC Destination Management Plan to guide industry on priorities strategies and required actions that will drive the growth of the visitor economy at a regional level. The plan provides the foundations on which future local plans can be built and updated to provide a common vision. This document is an adaptable plan that will be reviewed annually by DNC in consultation with Destination NSW and industry stakeholders.

Key Strategic Priorities

Importantly the DNC Destination Management Plan identifies seven key strategic priorities that have been determined through the consultation process, assessment of marketing trends, and review of the current and potential North Coast tourism operating environment.

Key Strategies

Identified Experience Platforms

In addition, the DNC Destination Management Plan identifies Seven Experience Platforms to drive and coordinate tourism product and experience development across the North Coast over the next four years. Developing nature experiences will be a key focus. Nature has close links with the other six Experience Platforms and can differentiate the North Coast from other coastal destinations.

Identified Experience Platforms