Funding and Grants

Funding and Grant Applications

Funding through grant programs can provide significant benefits to businesses and destinations, helping to drive economic growth, create jobs, and improve the visitor experience.

When applying for grants, there are several considerations to keep in mind:

  • Eligibility: Before applying for a grant, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the grant program. Check the guidelines carefully to ensure that you are eligible to apply, and that your project fits within the scope of the grant program.
  • Timing: Check the grant application deadline and plan to ensure you have enough time to prepare a quality application.
  • Research: Research the grant program thoroughly, including the application process, assessment criteria, and funding priorities. Understand the goals of the grant program and how your project aligns with those goals.
  • Project design: Develop a well-planned project that is clearly defined, feasible, and aligned with the objectives of the grant program. Ensure that the project can be delivered within the proposed timeline and budget.
  • Project Alignment: Destination North Coast may be able to provide a Letter of Support for your project if it aligns with the North Coast Destination Management Plan 2022 – 2030. Visitor economy projects should also align with the NSW Visitor Economy Strategy 2030 (VES). 
  • Budget and financials: Prepare a realistic budget that reflects the costs of the project and the funding requested from the grant program. Ensure that you have the financial management capacity to deliver the project and manage the grant funds effectively.
  • Evaluation and reporting: Consider how you will evaluate the success of the project and report back to the grant program. Ensure that you have the capacity to collect data and report on the outcomes of the project in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Compliance and governance: Understand the compliance requirements and governance expectations associated with the grant program. Ensure that your organisation has the appropriate policies and procedures in place to manage the grant funds and comply with reporting and accountability requirements.

Overall, careful planning, research, and attention to detail are key when applying for grants. By addressing these considerations, you can improve your chances of submitting a successful grant application that meets the needs of the grant program and delivers positive outcomes for your organisation and stakeholders.

Please complete this form to request a Letter of Support for your project.

For tips and guidance on writing grant applications check out our Tourism Grants Funding Webinar below. Whilst some of the information relates to the COVID pandemic, much applies to preparing, writing and acquitting general grant or funding applications.

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