Regional Event Accelerator Program

Regional Event Accelerator Program

Destination North Coast NSW is partnering with Australian Centre for Regional Events (previously rEVENTS Academy) to upskill the region’s event and festival organisers with the aim of ensuring event competitiveness and long-term sustainability throughout the region.

This bespoke 10-week program combines online e-learning, live group sessions for networking and collaboration, and one-on-one check-ins with an event specialist.

The program takes a deep dive into all aspects of event planning and empowers event organisers with the knowledge, tools and inspiration to elevate their regional event.

The 10-week program consists of:

  1. One-on-one online meeting with each event team and the Event Specialist 
  2. Training via an eLearning platform, with a new online module released weekly 
  3. One-on-one online support with an Event Specialist 
  4. Fortnightly two-hour interactive live sessions for all participants in the program, providing in depth training on Event Planning, Volunteer Recruitment & Management, Risk Management & Emergency Planning, Financial Viability & Budgeting, and Event Marketing. 
  5. One-on-one online post-program wrap up meeting to identify key priorities.

Participants will also have access to more than thirty (30) Event Management templates and resources to support their learning.

The program is designed for events across the North Coast that, with guidance and inspiration, can be further optimised and elevated into signature destination events for the region.

Commitment Required From Participants

Participants will need to commit to completing the core training program that will run from the 29thApril to the 5thJuly. This will involve a commitment of approximately 30 hours over the core ten weeks, with much of this time being flexible to work around your schedule.

An outline of the full program commitment is as follows:
Completion of pre-program introductory survey (approximately 15 minutes) to be completed anytime between the 10th – 15th April.

  • Attendance (online) at a one-hour pre-program induction session with Cathy or Linda between the 15th – 26thApril, at a mutually convenient time.
  • Approximately 1-2 hours per week to complete the online training modules at your own pace and time (approximately 14 hours) from the 29th April.
  • Attendance (online) at fortnightly two-hour interactive group live sessions (10 hours in total), commencing the week of the 6th May.
  • Three online individual sessions with either Cathy or Linda at mutually convenient times commencing in May: two program check-in sessions, and a wrap-up session (3 hours in total).

Please note, this is a practical-based program, and the mentoring and training will be to assist you in your event planning. The time you commit to this program will result in time savings in event planning and execution.

We recommend that the event has one consistent team member to undertake this program, with further team members strongly encouraged to join in and benefit where relevant.


This is program is for events that currently support, or have the potential to support, visitor economy outcomes for the Destination North Coast NSW region.

To be eligible for the program, your event must have a formal business structure (eg Association, Co-operative, Partnership, Sole Trader) and fit into one of the three following categories:

  1. An existing event, or series of events, that currently attracts visitors to the region; 
  2. An existing community event, or series of events, that has the potential to evolve and attract visitors to the region; or
  3. A new event concept with an existing detailed concept plan that has the potential to be a destination event or series of events.

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